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Parallel Sun are a 21st century band formed out of the necessity to make electronic music as live experience. Andy C (Laptop, keys, loops, sequences, effects) and OJ (Laptop, guitars, loops, sequences, effects) set out to explore the dynamic man/machine interaction and how the traditional band cycle of write, tour, record can be combined with the advantages of today’s technology to create a modern method for making great music.

Parallel Sun aim to seek the magic that happens in the gap between intention and serendipity, letting the life of the music breath and guiding it to take its own form rather than sterilize it by reckless airbrushing.

Melody is the primary force that drives the music of Parallel Sun and this is layered against journeys into dreamlike places which are propelled along by ever changing perpetual rhythms and shifting harmony.

Parallel Sun promise you perfection from imperfection, lucid dreams from mysterious places and most of all melody from the heart of our being.