To record the album, this seemed to be a more tricky proposition, than we initially thought. Perhaps if we were U2 or Muse, we could decamp to the south of France, hire a villa, build a recording studio and spend 4 years with Brian Eno making the masterpiece. Given our personal circumstances, this was highly unlikely.

What we needed was a bubble, a place away from everything where there were no distractions except our music kit (and maybe some beer).

Even a recording studio or rehearsal room would provide it’s own distractions of fellow musicians, rock hopefuls, and lesser known Indie heroes.

What we really needed was a ‘Guerilla’ recording environment - an improvised space where nobody would find us or even expect us to be recording.

On 20th December 2010 we found that space.

The most generic, distraction less environment we could find was room 15 of a Premier Inn deep in the Heart of England.